Tennessee Valley Theatre in Spring City will present Bobby Horton, one of the country’s leading authorities of music from the Civil War, on Friday, November 7, at 7:30 PM. Cost is $10. For reservations, go to or call 423-365-PLAY.
Bobby Horton was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1984, Horton was asked to produce the score for a feature film set in 1863 in Southern Indiana. While researching music from the mid 19th century, he uncovered literally thousands of tunes from that period. Combining his passion for music and Civil War history, he began recording what has now
become fourteen volumes of authentic Civil War tunes in his home studio— playing all of the period era instruments and singing all the parts himself.This series is sold around the world and has led to a career in film scoring and a live presentation of these songs with the stories that accompany them. A seasoned performer, Horton is a multi-instrumentalist, composer,
producer, and music historian. He has performed with the musical- comedy trio, Three On A String, throughout the United States and Canada for 35 plus years. He has also produced and performed music scores for ten PBS films by Ken Burns including “The Civil War, and “Baseball,” two films for the A&E network, and sixteen films for The National Park Service. His series of recordings of authentic period music has been acclaimed by historical organization and publications through America and Europe. For more information, go to