Tennessee Valley Theatre presents The Cemetery Club, a comedic drama in two acts, on September 5-14, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM and Sundays at 2 PM. Cost is $10. For reservations, call (423) 365-PLAY or online at http://www.tennesseevalleytheatre.com.

The play tells the story of three lifelong widowed friends who bicker and tease, hug and love, misbehave and forgive. Lucille (Anita Hale) is sassy and promiscuous, a feisty embodiment of the girl who just wants to have fun. Doris (Karen Slikker) is priggish and judgmental, while Ida (Teresa Congioloso) is patient and sweet tempered, but finally ready to begin a new life.
When Sam (Mike Jackson) the butcher enters the picture, Ida is smitten. Uptight, clingy Doris connives with Lucille to squash the budding romance between Sam and Ida. They are guilt stricken when their meddling nearly breaks poor Ida ́s heart. These women will touch your heart as you follow the choices they make in their lives. They will not be reduced to being just a “Cemetery Club”.
Directed by Kathy Soja.
Sponsored by Vaughn Funeral Home. http://ow.ly/i/6Ak9o
Pictured seated (l-r) Teresa Congioloso, Anita Hale, Karen Slikker and standing Mike Jackson and Connie Roberts