Tennessee Valley Theatre in Spring City will present The Sound of Tennessee Chorus on Saturday night, May 24, at 7:30 PM. Cost is $10. For more information or reservations, go to Cleveland, TN, the chorus inspires audiences with their enthusiasm, spirit, and love of close vocal harmony. They entertain with a variety of musical
styles, all delivered a cappella, including Barbershop, blues, gospel, American
standards, patriotic tunes, and pop classics. Led by Music Director Chad Guyton,
an International Gold Medal winner in 2002 with The Four Voices, The Sound of
Tennessee has entertained listeners in southeast Tennessee for fifteen years.
Once you experience the vibrant warmth of men’s voices blending in four-
part harmony, you will come back to it again and again. The “lock and ring” of this
style of singing cannot be heard in any other form of music. The Sound of Tennessee
Chorus is made up of men who heard it, loved it, and now deliver it with joy. For
more information on the group, go to