“The Matchmaker-A Farce in Four Acts” by Thornton Wilder is coming to Tennessee Valley Theatre, in Spring City February 14-23. Tickets are $10. For reservations, call (423)365-PLAY or go to http://www.tennesseevalleytheatre.com

“The Matchmaker,” the straight-play basis for “Hello, Dolly!ā€ is a light, hopeful examination of the American preoccupation with money and class. The play is just as much fun as the musical treatment, and the characters just as large. The farcical energy sweeps through every moment of the play, it is a classically perfect example of farce – with plenty of wonderful roles for both men and women as well. The themes of class mobility and money are treated with heart and grace, with a moral that will resonate with any American today and likely far into the future – money must be used for good. Directed by James C. Beam. SPONSORED BY: COMMUNITY NATIONAL BANK

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Photo 1, pictured l-r: Tony McCuiston as Horace Vandergelder & Anita Hale as Dolly Levi.
Photo 2 (cast), pictured l-r back row: April Hackler, Mike Jackson, Minnie Wimmer, Tony McCuiston, Antia Hale, Jamie McIntosh and Dan Frank. Front row l-r: Kathy Soja, Anessa Van Horn, Kristen Liles, John McCallister, Bailey Hufstetler and Brian Hufstetler. Not pictured: Amber Oakerson

For reservations, call (423)365-PLAY (7529) or go to http://www.tennesseevalleytheatre.com.

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