The Children’s Summer Drama Workshop was held on June 3-7 at Tennessee Valley Theatre. The event was sponsored by La-Z-Boy.

From Left to Right
Top Row
Kristen McCamble, Bailey Hufstetler, Jeffery Thompson, Kaitlyn Couche

Middle Row
Katelyn McCamble, Paicey Cameron, Nathan White, Ryan Roberts, Alex Lowry, Charles Thurman, Blake Thompson, Addison McNamee, Izzy Pompora, Ashlin Lowry, Finley Cameron, Katie Jolley

Bottom Row
Allyson Varner, Alexa AcCord, McKaylee Willis, Jessica LaRue, Elizabeth White, Destiny Elrod, Stefani Linderman (instructor), Jessica Baskin (instructor), Hannah Couche, Lauren Bornhoeft, Madeline Eagle, Erin Couche, McKenna Cameron

2013 Children workshop