Tennessee Valley Theatre in Spring City will present Roane Choral Society’s Turn Your Radio On at 7:30 PM on Saturday, April 20. Cost is $10. A BBQ dinner will be served at 5:00 for the price of $7. For reservations, call 365-PLAY or online at

Remember the “good ol’ days” when there was no TV and we all sat around the radio, being quiet so we could hear, and laughing at the jokes and listening to the music? For nearly four decades it was the radio that brought our nation together to listen to those programs. Classical music, yes – country music, yes – popular music, yes – and those new guys, the disc jockeys. Well, if you don’t remember, then this is a time to get a hint as to what was going on the radio. If you do know, then here is a chance to go down that nostalgic lane.

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James C. Beam