Tennessee Valley Theatre

184 W Jackson Ave, Spring City, TN 37381

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Fax 423-693-0779

Map showing location

TVT greatly appreciates the support of the audiences, the organizations, businesses, media, and, of course, the talented people who have helped establish Rhea County’s only community theater.

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If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this form  VolunteerTVT, scan and email to tennesseevalleytheatre@gmail.com or mail to P.O. Box 87 Spring City, TN 37381

In April, 1989, two members of the Spring City Woman’s Club put out a call to anyone interested in starting a community theater in Rhea County in order to bring “live” theater to the county and to showcase the many talents of the area residents.

An organizational meeting was announced. Twenty-four people came to that meeting to hear that the would-be theater had no money, no equipment, no play, no cast, no sets, no stage, no props, no name, and no place to put on a production. We had nothing except enthusiasm and the sure notion that, YES, Rhea County should have a community theater and the general attitude of “Let’s Do It!”

Three weeks after that first meeting, a play-reading committee had selected a play; a fund-raising drive was started; a director and co-producers were chosen; auditions were announced; publicity was published; set crew was appointed; play books ordered; tickets and posters were readied; and a place was provided by a local resident. It needed cleaning, wiring, and a stage curtain, and also “Porta Pots.” It was ideal. More than 40 volunteers spent four Saturdays getting this theater ready.

With the reinstating of the old TVT charter, the new TVT opened with “Harvey” in June, 1989. Since its reorganization, TVT has given benefit performances for the Grandview Community Center, the Spring City Depot restoration project, and the WE CARE group. In addition, TVT has sponsored a free summer children’s theater workshop every year.

Productions have played in Spring City, Watts Bar, Grandview, Dayton, and Harriman. Several plays were performed in conjunction with the annual Strawberry Festival.

TVT greatly appreciates the support of the audiences, the organizations, businesses, media, and, of course, the talented people who have helped establish Rhea County’s only community theater.

The long-range goal of TVT was to acquire a permanent “home” in Rhea County. This was accomplished by the generosity of many members of the community, especially Bill Hilleary for his donation of a building, which was completely renovated by volunteers and became the beautiful theater you see today. It would have been impossible without many, many volunteers working very, very hard for many, many hours. TVT thanks all of them. In June 1996, our dream came true. Our premier play was Neil Simon’s “Rumors.”

For those of you who enjoy walks down “memory lane,” the following play history should remind you of all the enjoyment TVT has provided!

  • 2015 Board of Directors
  • President –Harry Landreth
  • Vice President –
  • Secretary – Mary Pendergrass
  • Treasurer –Gary Bemm
  • Howard Clifton
  • David Eicher
  • Dianne Griffin
  • Karen Hilleary,
  • David Helzel
  • Gina Luhn &
  • Dave Peterson

One Response to “Welcome”

  1. Bailey Hufstetler Says:

    Tennessee Valley Theatre is a great place to go see some great shows!! I act there and wouldnt want to be any where else! The people are wonderful and you ALWAYS have a good time!

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